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Jack Harper
Commander, District 47

The San Paro Police Department is dedicated to serving the people and strives to reduce crime and provide a safer city.

Minutes from the governance council meeting (Sept 1, 2018): Proposed Amendment to Bylaws PASSED – Proposal to amend bylaws to allow Deputy Commander to serve as Chief Justice when number of Officers 2nd grade or higher in department is less than 30.  (§ ) PASSED – Proposal to amend bylaws to change default rank to…
We would like to warn our members that there has been at least one attempt at impersonating accounts of an SPPD member (particularly on the Little Orbit Forums). Please ensure that you’re talking to who you think you are before giving out any information. If necessary speak to them on Discord in a membership specific…
Good evening officers, You’ve likely noticed a lot of changes in the past couple weeks – we’re hoping changes for the better. As part of our commitment to promote professional, fun, realistic roleplay whenever possible we’re going to be instituting some more changes in the coming days. Unfortunately some of our choices and decisions haven’t…
Welcome to the new site for the San Paro Police Department. We apologize for anything not yet completed – please check our our events calendar and we’ll post news and commentary as it’s available. Thanks for visiting!
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