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Notice of Disciplinary Action
DOCKET #10001

Date: Friday Sept 21, 2018
Name: Ninja of the past (niko) – Officer 1st Grade Niko
Date & Time Offence Occurred: Sunday 10:00pm – Monday 1:00am
Location of Offence: Discord #General Chat
Charging Officer: Capt T. Mcleod
Charging Code:, 8.1.4, 8.1.5,,, 8.2.5
Severity of Charge: Major
Immediate Actions Taken: Suspension of Rank, Suspension of General Chat Privilleges
Individual to speak to regarding a hearing: Capt. T. McLeod
Summary of Incident:

Member was insubordinate, disrespectful and stated they did not care about the rules or any senior officers.

[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 8:51 PM
good afternoon
[505] [AUX O-1] S. HawkLast Sunday at 9:23 PM
Its so quiet in here.
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:03 PM
its cause the clan died with apb

[505] [AUX O-1] S. HawkLast Sunday at 10:08 PM
I wonder why...
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:09 PM
well some things i notice is some of the higher admin dont play the game with the lower ranks which causes the power of the higher ranks to look stronger
so by them not combininb there seperating
which when the admin left it cause the recruits/ officers to give up on the clan such as the higher ranks did
[505] [AUX O-1] S. HawkLast Sunday at 10:10 PM
I look back into this channel today and I saw my nickname, I don't have CSO, I have a number now, Sadly, very true.
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:10 PM
it was discussed in the last meeting that the higher ranks dont care about apb anymore they wanted the identy to be the main game which made some of us to feel lied to
[505] [AUX O-1] S. HawkLast Sunday at 10:11 PM
But whats going to happen now?
With the cadets and officers?

[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:11 PM
basically the cadets are gonna find different clans
as you see mainly officers talk in this chat
[505] [AUX O-1] S. HawkLast Sunday at 10:12 PM
So the clan is pretty much gone?
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:12 PM
if it wasnt a admin that is online would of probally told us to stop this discussion but none of them had which part of proof
[177] [OFFICER II] Y. JianLast Sunday at 10:26 PM
APB only lasted for 3 months and then it died again because everyone kept complaining that Little Orbit didn't keep their promises for setting new modes and events. Even though they added the weapons prototype districts, it's still nothing new because we played it before about 4 years ago before the servers merge.
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:26 PM
very true

[505] [AUX O-1] S. HawkLast Sunday at 10:27 PM
I don't have much time for most games but I mostly try.
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:27 PM
but you guys also dont give enough time cause even you said it the coding is shit but yet you guys didnt think how hard they have to do to fix the coding that your calling shit
[177] [OFFICER II] Y. JianLast Sunday at 10:29 PM
Well people think that they'll set a new mode or event right away.
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:29 PM
see you understand wont be fast yet most of the admins are sayign fuck apb its not getting better
but yet there trying to balance all the guns and games

[177] [OFFICER II] Y. JianLast Sunday at 10:30 PM
And extending the character's ranks
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Sunday at 10:31 PM
so i dont give a shit what you "clan officers" have to say due to you thinking this is our clan blah blah blah but this wouldnt be a clan without apb cause thats where you put your clan name out
[005] [SSGT] K. NguyenLast Monday at 12:25 AM

I'd like to point out in this brief summary of September's meeting that nowhere does it state or imply that APB is being entirely abandoned by the clan. Sure, it says that we're moving to Identity, but APB will continue to be part of the focus as well. While Little Orbit works on fixing APB, we're trying to branch out and finding other games the clan can participate in.

Because fixing a game doesn't happen overnight, and the last time the clan waited and waited and waited for something new to breath life into the game, participation and interest died off, kind of like what's happening right now. So rather than letting the clan slowly die while waiting for APB to fix itself, we wanted to find another game we could be interested in alongside APB.

Most of the admin staff aren't active on APB because of real life responsibilities or because they're waiting for Little Orbit to fix APB, just like everyone else. But to say we don't give a fuck about APB, implies that we would have left APB a long time ago. Me, Dilin, Deus, Chang, Tim, Harper. We stuck with this game for more years than I can remember. We never gave up on APB, we were just waiting for it to get better. Because when you've played this game for as long as we have, and just about almost nothing new or substantial was changed in over 2 years? You think to yourself "What's the point? I'm going to come back when the game's fixed". That's the reality of it. If you have a problem, bring it up with Tim.

tl;dr we didn't give up on APB, we're waiting for Little Orbit to fix it because frankly it's not any better than it was 3-4 years ago. And we're looking into other games to play as a clan because almost no one wants to get on APB anymore.

[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Monday at 12:39 AM
i would like to point one thing out i never said they were just dead in apb they are also dead in discord
most of the time admins only come is when we have a meeting
[005] [SSGT] K. NguyenLast Monday at 1:18 AM
Yeah that, I won't argue with. Im pretty much one of the few "admins" who pops on every once in awhile
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Monday at 1:19 AM
the reason the clan could be dieing is partly cause the admina and the lower ranks aren't interacting as much which doesnt make a bond to the clan(edited)
[005] [SSGT] K. NguyenLast Monday at 1:20 AM
It's partly that, and the fact that no one else is on to talk besides a few Officer 1st grades(edited)
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Monday at 1:20 AM
yes which is why there is no bond to the higher ranks

[005] [SSGT] K. NguyenLast Monday at 1:21 AM
quite a predicament isn't it?
[273] [OFFICER I] NikoLast Monday at 1:30 AM
quite a predicament indeed
[301] [OFFICER I] S. WallLast Monday at 1:47 AM
I stay around. I'm at work now and I work a lot though but as long as we have loyals around we wont die
[005] [SSGT] K. NguyenLast Monday at 1:55 AM
I was in the same boat a few years ago when the clan went in-active and I was still an O2G. I stuck around, kept in touch with Dilin and Harper and eventually when Little Orbit took over we came back. As long as we're still coming back to APB, the same thing will happen again
[301] [OFFICER I] S. WallLast Monday at 3:27 AM
Yup fo sho

[256] [LT] A. DonahueLast Monday at 6:55 PM
I am still looking forward to what Little Orbit will do in the future
[005] [SSGT] K. NguyenLast Monday at 6:56 PM
Shassandra (DSF)Last Monday at 11:29 PM
I would weigh in but I currently have nothing positive to add.

Summary Judgement Deadline: Sept 24, 2018 1633 CST



Hearing Transcript:

ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:43 PM
fuck you and your clan your all fake fucks who arent loyal to apb :middle_finger:(edited)
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:43 PM
Wtf are you on about?
You 12?
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:44 PM
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:44 PM
Well stop acting it please. I haven't been disrespectful to you, I ask the same in return.
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:44 PM
but you should not recruit in apb if your not loyal to the game
well you kinda have]
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:44 PM
We aren't recruiting in APB anymore
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:45 PM
for 1 this charge you gave me doesnt have right dare
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:45 PM
It's not Sept 21?
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:45 PM
2 i wasnt the only 1 in the convo
it was last sunday
i should got charged then
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:45 PM
That's the date the charge was -issued- .. Look at the Offence date
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:46 PM
yes but i am rlly pissed that i was the only 1 charged
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:46 PM
Who says you were?
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:46 PM
i asked other they said didnt get it
so your telling me nyugen and hawk all got the stuff as well
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:47 PM
We're not done yet. Yours was because you were blatant about it. You want to talk about it now?
Or you want to do this when you've had time to read over the procedures?
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:47 PM
its better to be truthful then lie
the clans dead it not gonna grow if you guys dont form a bond
yes your upper staff may have one but the lower ranks are probally are ones playign games
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:50 PM
First off.. I've been off on medical the last week.. I pinched my jaw last weekend and had the flu till yesterday. I was on the week before that.
Second: We haven't had an application since Aug.. so don't BS me about us recruiting in APB.. we haven't recruited in there in a month and at that time we were still doing stuff regularly.
Thirdly: I don't get paid for this, neither do any of the other senior officers. I know for a fact how long most people have been on and I checked today when the last time most of our members signed on to APB.
Literally no one's getting on. We discussed this at the last meeting.
I'm not going to bust my ass on something no one seems wanting to do.
If people got on and wanted to do stuff.. like more than one person.. I'd do it
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:50 PM
see thats whats wrong
0 motivation
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:51 PM
You're damn right.. We had 16 events in August that I personally set up
You know how many people bothered to show?
I can count on one hand.
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:51 PM
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:51 PM
No.. more like 4-5
I play APB for fun.. I don't play it to be a servant to individuals.
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:52 PM
cause you guys had no bound with the clan was probally shass wall
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:52 PM
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:52 PM
yet ur being aservant now
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:52 PM
I'm doing what's necessary. If you're going to start being pedantic to me this will be really short.
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:52 PM
instead of harper doing this your the one giving me the charge
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:52 PM
Yeah because that's procedure.
Section 9.0
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:53 PM
yea you know that rules made
no one reads it
shass and wall already told me they feel bad forever read it
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:53 PM
Well that's their own fault.
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:53 PM
no not rlly
its your fault for expecting people to read stuff that lonf
but i have nothing to do with your clan i requested uniforms was told i would get them next day didnt get them for a month so i had to make a fake one
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:54 PM
Did you ask in the right channel?
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:54 PM
yes i did
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:54 PM
Did you follow up in DM?
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:55 PM
wat do you mean we talked in vc
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:55 PM
You literally messaged me once at the first of september DURING the meeting
You didn't message Harper at all
ninja of the past(niko)Today at 5:55 PM
harper isnt the one who said he would get it to me
MapleVortex_TimToday at 5:55 PM
We're not your parents.. we don't owe you anything.. if you want to do stuff that's your responsibility.
We've put our time, effort, unpaid into this -- we literally owe you nothing here. We offer you a place to have some fun and a group to have fun with in exchange for you participating. So far the only participation I've seen you do is to try to turn members against other members... which to me says you don't want to be a part of here.
So why are you still here?
Back during the meeting I told you to follow up with me if Harper didn't get you your uniform.. I never got a message from you about it
I told you and everyone else there I could get anyone the decals who needed them
NO ONE.. followed up on it
Anything else?

Very well. On the above charges you're found to hold not contest. You have been found guilty of damaging morale, insubordination, and violation of our Discord code of Conduct. Due to your continued defiance of the authority of clan leadership it's determined that you will be removed from membership and all privilleges afforded thereof.

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