Personal Information

SPPD uses Discord for voice chat and meeting communication. Although you are not required to have a microphone you will be required to listen to voice chat for directions. Be sure to include the #1234 tag provided via discord or we will not be able to invite you to our channel.
Your username exactly as it appears within the APB Game. Without this you will not be able to receive an invite to the clan.
Your preferred name for in-game. We generally use A. LastName for the format, so please provide a first and last name that will appear on our roster.


What days are you generally available?
What time zone do you live in?


Experience is not a requirement to join - we just want to get to know you.
Please note you will be required to leave your current clan if you join SPPD.


General Information

Express Consent is required under GDPR and CASL legislation.
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