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Capt T. McLeod, Cmdr J. Harper Hosting


  • Identity Town Square has a release date of November 30 for the beta¬†https://store.steampowered.com/app/792990/
    • Only social module — with some minor walk around elements
    • No Police/other gameplay modules yet
    • Will not affect our current clan status as there’s no real gameplay to recruit although we will likely have a bit more presence on the game.
    • Once the game is stable and has the gameplay modules:
      • SPPD Site will become a “Community Site” much like local cities and may have SPPD as a ‘sub site’ likely renamed to the city name of whatever city is in game.
      • Discord will be renamed and reorged
      • Ranks will be adjusted based on the new occupations/responsibilities
  • December Meeting will occur towards the end of the month and cover December/January as well due to holiday schedules/workloads.¬† This should work better due to holidays anyway.

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