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Jack Harper
Commander, District 47

The San Paro Police Department is dedicated to serving the people and strives to reduce crime and provide a safer city.

Capt T. McLeod, Cmdr J. Harper Hosting Highlights Identity Town Square has a release date of November 30 for the beta Only social module — with some minor walk around elements No Police/other gameplay modules yet Will not affect our current clan status as there’s no real gameplay to recruit although we will likely have…
General Staff Meeting Minutes Oct 5, 2018 District Commander sends regrets.  Capt. McLeod chairing. No new business Discussed upcoming Identity game and hope that it would launch soon with the Town Square module. Last News was it was to launch by end of this month.  
Notice of Disciplinary Action DOCKET #10001 Date: Friday Sept 21, 2018 Name: Ninja of the past (niko) – Officer 1st Grade Niko Date & Time Offence Occurred: Sunday 10:00pm – Monday 1:00am Location of Offence: Discord #General Chat Charging Officer: Capt T. Mcleod Charging Code:, 8.1.4, 8.1.5,,, 8.2.5 Severity of Charge: Major…
Minutes from our meeting on Sept 1, 2018: Announced new Deputy Commander (Capt. T. McLeod) Announced that, due to low numbers of individuals on APB, that we’re going to scale back activities on APB and have a more casual environment. Meetings will continue monthly Discord will continue to be available for meetups, patrols, gaming (both…
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